The Team

Christopher Whitelaw

chris-head-shot-with-tie-image2-jpg-copyChristopher Whitelaw is the founder and principal of the Commercial Disputes Management Centre (CDMC).

He graduated from the Australian National University in 1981 with an Arts Law degree and completed a Masters of Law degree at the University of Technology Sydney in 2000.

Christopher practised as a solicitor from 1982 to 1992 and was then called to the NSW Bar.

He studied dispute management and dispute resolution whilst undertaking his Masters degree and became an accredited mediator in 2001 and is now accredited under the national accreditation standard.

He established the CDMC in about July 2010.

His main focus as a mediator and dispute resolver is commercial disputes of all types.

Over the last 5 years Christopher has developed a powerful and effective set of dispute management and dispute resolution strategies that can be applied to any type of commercial dispute.  The aim is always to thoroughly triage and diagnose the dispute and come up with the best possible blueprint to manage and resolve it as quickly and cost effectively as possible.  A secondary chief aim is to do things possible to salvage, protect and enhance important relationships during the dispute resolution process rather than damage or destroy them.

Since early 2015 Christopher has been recruiting and putting together a top team of commercial mediators who are experts in commercial and workplace conflict management, dispute resolution and assisted negotiations.  The CDMC Team will continue to grow and expand to provide an effective and efficient national service in its key niches of service delivery.

Christopher is one of the leaders in the use of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) technologies to enhance the CDMC Team’s reach, capability and efficiency. CDMC mediators are all equipped with the cutting edge ODR platform called MODRON – Mediator Online Dispute Resolution Operating Network.

Our Team

Our Team

CDMC National has built up a panel of 18 highly trained and qualified dispute management and dispute/conflict resolution experts around the country. It is a national team of experts.

These panel covers all fields of dispute management work mentioned on our website.

Our unique 8-step dispute management process includes dispute triage.

During triage we make sure that we fully understand the nature, circumstances and requirements of your dispute, and the people involved in it, and match it up with the right expertise from our panel.

You can speak to the expert or experts we select for you during the triage process and make up your own mind whether our selection is the right choice for you. We have a full profile for each expert that we can provide to you to help you make the final choice. If you are not comfortable with our recommendation, we will propose other choices for you to review. It is fundamental to the triage process that we match you up with the right expert or experts to manage your dispute.

Once we find the right match for you, we will immediately connect you to your dispute management expert using MODRON, an online dispute management platform and case management system. For here more information on MODRON click here.


Using MODRON you will be talking directly to your chosen expert within 24 hours of making your choice. CDMC National is committed to delivering its clients with a  quick, effective and efficient dispute management service to contain, deescalate, manage and resolve their commercial disputes.