MODRON – Online Dispute Resolution

What is Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)?

ODR facilitates dispute management and dispute resolution via an online platform.

Mediators or dispute managers can manage the entire dispute using the online tools and capabilities.

The platform enables dispute managers to communicate with parties to the dispute, and their advisers without the need to be physically present.

Communication can take place via different forms of messaging and announcements to the parties individually or jointly and also via audio and video links as required.

The dispute manager can conduct private and confidential communications with each party or open ones with both parties jointly.

The platform permits the dispute manager and the parties to upload documents to the platform and store them confidentially, as well as permitting each party to disclose documents to the other party at any time during the process.

What is MODRON?

“MODRON” is an acronym for Mediation Online Dispute Resolution Operating Network.

This is proprietary ODR software and technology  used by CDMC to enable it to more quickly, efficiently and cheaply manage disputes throughout Australia.

It is extremely user friendly, allowing navigation of all the dispute management tools from a central dashboard.

All CDMC Associates are fully trained in using MODRON.

During the initial TRIAGE process we will evaluate whether or not MODRON is suitable for managing your dispute, and if it is, the CDMC mediator handling the dispute will set up the dispute in MODRON so that effective dispute management can commence immediately the parties are ready to commence.

Each Party will be given its own login allowing immediate contact with each other using the online communication tools.

Parties can log in at any time either for a joint session with the Mediator and other party, or to conduct private communications with the Mediator, to upload relevant documents, read Mediator Announcements, work on your opening statement, review the other party’s opening statement, work privately or jointly on identifying the key issues in the dispute and of course brainstorming on looking for solutions or breakthroughs on the agreed issues.

MODRON makes the whole process of managing and resolving a dispute easier, quicker and less expensive.