Not For Profit Sector

The Australian not-for-profit sector encompasses a broad range of social institutions that are neither commercial nor governmental.

It includes entities of all sizes – hospitals, community services, universities, sports clubs, religious groups, day care centers, recreation clubs, environmental groups, job-training centers, family counselling agencies, and many more.

The sector turns over in excess of $80billion per annum and employs over 1million people.

Not for profit businesses face many of the same issues as any business, these can include disputes or conflicts in regard to:

  • Commercial Contracts
  • Customer Relations
  • Partnerships and Alliances
  • Commercial Leases and tenancies
  • Staffing matters
  • Performance Management
  • Change Management
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Breaches of Code of Conduct
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Directors conflicts

CDMC has people with extensive knowledge and experience in the Not for Profit sector who can help your organization work through any of the above issues.

CDMC can assist by:

  • Providing an impartial facilitator to assist in difficult discussions.
  • Allowing all parties an opportunity to express their concerns
  • Helping parties to identify possible solutions
  • Work with parties to achieve agreed outcomes