Is CDMC For You

Who we are, what we do and how we can help you

We are a team of highly experienced negotiators, dispute managers, mediators and experts in dispute/conflict management and resolution.  We specialise in all manner of commercial and workplace disputes, and wherever possible in the early management and cost effective resolution of such disputes.

But why wait for a dispute to happen before contacting CDMC?  We can help you re-write your policies and your contracts in a way that will create a firewall between your business and those who might try to threaten you with litigation to get their way.

We have developed a unique specialised set of services for the SME Owner in the following areas:

  • SME (Small to Medium size businesses) disputes
  • Workplace disputes
  • Building and Construction disputes
  • Wills and Estate disputes
  • Intellectual Property disputes
  • IT disputes
  • Franchise disputes
  • Family Law Property Settlement disputes
  • Dispute Avoidance Policies and Strategies

We have both lawyers and non-lawyers on our team of expert dispute resolvers.

50% of our team are men and 50% are women.

We have the expertise and skills to be an important “on tap” resource to any business owner to help you with your legal needs and to bullet-proof your businesses against the risk of unplanned and unwanted commercial and/or consumer disputes that might have the potential to hurt, damage or even destroy your business.

If a dispute does occur, you can call on CDMC to manage the dispute to nip it in the bud and have it resolve quickly, with minimum fuss and without damage to important relationships. We ensure the dispute will not disrupt your business, distract you from your main focus or place a burden on your cash flow.

If a dispute is more complex or intractable, we can triage the dispute and design a tailored blueprint that will provide the best possible chance for early resolution and the avoidance of unnecessary litigation.

CMDC is different to its competitors in the market because –

  • We are experts in resolving all types of commercial disputes, and that’s all we do.
  • We specialise in working with SMEs, an industry sector we understand very well.
  • We speak your language and understand the mindset, interests and commercial needs of entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • We specialise in early intervention; when a dispute arises we know how to nip it in the bud before it escalates out of control and ends up in the hands of litigation lawyers.
  • We strongly believe in educating our clients in how to best help themselves to avoid disputes as well as managing and resolving disputes when they arise.
  • We help you contain, de-escalate, manage and resolve disputes, without harming your pre-existing commercial relationships, without large legal fees and without resort to courts and litigation.
  • We offer our clients a range of services that aim to reduce the risk of disputes breaking out, and in event they do, to ensure that they are managed and resolved early, cost effectively and without harm to commercial relations. Much of this lies in your business contracts and internal policies for dealing with disputes.
  • We make use of a unique proprietary online platform to help us more efficiently and efficiently manage and resolve disputes.

How can CDMC bullet proof your business from Litigation Hijack?

  • We review the business’s contracts to ensure that they will prevent the other party from using the threat of litigation as a weapon against you should a dispute occur (we call this “litigation hijack”)
  • We do this by inserting effective clauses into your contracts that will allow you to make maximum use of effective pre-litigation strategies and methods to achieve early cost efficient dispute management and resolution.
  • We help you manage a dispute is a way that helps you contain it and de-escalate it and assists the parties to identify the core issues and the best options to resolve those issues.
  • We manage the dispute in a way that repairs and enhances the parties’ commercial relationship rather than harm or destroy it.
  • We educate you along the way in how to avoid or minimise the risk of such disputes occurring in the future.
  • We can assist you further by reviewing your internal policies and procedures and ensuring that they enhance and promote early dispute management and resolution without resort to expensive and distractive litigation.

CDMC provides a holistic service to the SME:

We don’t just offer dispute avoidance, management and resolution services. We aim to service and be able to respond to all the key needs of the SME no matter what stage of growth the company is in.

Whilst CDMC is not a legal firm as such we have commercial legal resources both within CDMC and available from various alliance partners that you can easily access.

Because we are acutely aware that many SMEs operate on a tight cash flow, we provide these services in a highly targeted and sequenced way that prioritises what should be done first and what can be delayed or made optional.

We only commence work and commence charging for our work once we have drawn up a clear dispute management blueprint, the blueprint is reviewed and accepted by you and you have signed a formal agreement with us. T

his way you will always know exactly what we are going to do, how they will get value from it and how they can afford and pay for the services.

Why are we doing this?

We love what we do. We get to work with companies, business owners and employers to help you do what you love to do without being distracted by unexpected legal issues or unwanted nasty and sometimes complex disputes.

We can save you time and money. We can help you preserve important commercial relationships.

We get our enjoyment working out the best way, options and solutions to manage and resolve disputes early, quickly and cost effectively.  Better still, we can show you how to stop nasty disputes happening at all.