Dispute Triage

What is Triage?

When anyone has to attend the Emergency Care Unit at any hospital, the first person that you see is the Triage Nurse.

The Triage Nurse is skilled at asking the right questions to ascertain the critical information needed to work out the most likely nature and seriousness of the health problem so that she can direct the patient to the right medical specialist that can treat the problem, or tell the patient that the problem is only minor and can be treated at home or by visiting the local GP.

Dispute Triage works the same way.

When a client comes to CDMC with a dispute they’re facing, the first thing we do is triage.  We ask the right questions in order to get the necessary information about the problem so that we can work out the best way to manage and resolve it.

We will not make any assumptions or jump to any preconceived conclusions.

Our process follows this sequence –

  • Make a correct diagnosis
  • Offer the best prescription to manage the diagnosis
  • Create a dispute management blueprint that best suits the particular dispute and the needs of those involved in it
  • Ensure that the blueprint is tailored to the financial capability of the parties
  • Assign the most appropriate and best qualified dispute manager/resolver to the dispute
  • Execute the blueprint
  • Resolve the dispute as quickly and cost effectively as possible and without harming valuable relationships

What are the benefits of Triage?

  • Your dispute is correctly diagnosed and understood
  • You get the best possible prescription/blueprint to manage your dispute
  • Your dispute is handled by an expert dispute resolver who is best qualified and suited to handle your dispute
  • Your dispute management plan is tailored to fit your financial capability and to protect you from financial distress
  • Every effort is made to safeguard, rebuilt and enhance important personal and commercial relationships
  • Your dispute is resolved in the shortest time possible
  • Your dispute is resolve as cost effectively as possible