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Stop Disputes Before They Happen

Prevention is Smarter than Litigation

We help with:

  • Commercial Disputes

    Resolve business disputes at the earliest possible opportunity before they negatively impact your business productivity, sales and your bottom line.

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  • Workplace Conflict

    Manage workplace conflict efficiently and effectively so that your people can get on with their jobs without a negative effect on staff morale, engagement and turnover.

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  • Family Law Property Disputes

    Minimise the financial and emotional drain of coming to a property settlement, and maintain control over your life rather than have a decision imposed by a court.

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What our clients say

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What we do and how the process works

About the Commercial Disputes Management Centre

We aim to facilitate and guide all parties towards a final and binding agreement. So you can count on us to give you honest and practical guidance, and do everything possible to achieve a speedy resolution, and avoid expensive litigation. But it’s not about winners and losers. It’s about a commercially acceptable outcome that everyone agrees with.

Our 8 stage resolution process

  1. Diagnosis: You tell us all about your dispute.
  2. Triage: We plan the best way to resolve it.
  3. Prognosis: You sign off on our recommendations.
  4. Blueprint: We give you a blueprint for success.
  5. Agreement: All parties commit to this blueprint.
  6. Contain: We contain and de-escalate the conflict as required.
  7. Manage: We progressively manage the dispute towards resolution.
  8. Resolution: All parties achieve a commercially acceptable outcome.
  • Case Studies

    See how we’ve helped clients successfully resolve all types of commercial conflicts and disputes.

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  • Our Pledge

    We’re dedicated to professional and ethical practices which form part of our ethos.

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